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Agility Dogs - Eva



"Cajun Duchess Eva the Diva Clark, NAP, NFP, 0JP, OFP - 8", AJP(Excellent Jumpers Preferred) and XFP(Excellent Fast Preferred),  AXP  - Sandy contacted me, looking for an agility dog. I had a few puppies, but Eva had such an outgoing personality, and had a lot of energy. I told Sandy that I thought Eva would be a very good agility dog as she showed the type of personality that you would expect from an agility dog. Eva now lives with Sandy and Dave Clark, and Sandy's mother. Eva has a high energy level, but also is very sweet and gentle enough to be her mother's lap dog. She has fit into their home very well, along with the Vizsla Lilly and Sophie the German Shepherd. Sandy says that Eva has never met a stranger, human or dog she doesn't like.

Updates on Eva:

On the weekend of 9/20-23, 2013, Eva had brilliant runs all three days at the AKC agility trial that was put on by Western Carolina Dog Fancier’s Association or(WCDFA) in Waynesville, NC and earned another 1st place in Master’s Preferred Fast(MFP) 8” and  a first place in Excellent Standard Preferred 8” for a new title (AXP). Sandy says she is just as fast as she is beautiful!

Eva completed these last two titles, AJP(Excellent Jumpers Preferred) and XFP(Excellent Fast Preferred), during the summer of 2013! From Sandy on 8/15 - Eva was on fire this weekend with 1st and 2nd places in AKC Masters Jumpers with Weaves on Thurs and Fri.  She even beat Indy who is a Boston Terrier and an 8 time Master Agility Champion!! 

Eva finally got her Open Std Preferred 8" Agility title with a first place on 4/12/13, in Perry, GA. She's now competing in all Excellent level classes.

Eva was a super star the weekend of 5/11-12/13 at the Canaan Dog Club of America(CDCA) agility trial in Pendleton, SC.  She took 4 first places in Jumpers, Fast and Standard along with 2 new AKC titles:  AJP(Ex Jumpers Pref) on 5/11/13 and XFP(Ex Fast Pref) on 5/9/13.  She’s now in Masters with all the 8” big guns!!

Eva at Concord, NC - 1st shot

Clark DW6Q5156 eva _smaller (640x472).jpg

Shot of Eva winning the AKC Masters Preferred 8” Jumpers in Concord, NC this past August, 2013.

Eva at Concord, NC - 2nd shot

Clark DW6Q5159 weaves eva_smaller (640x460).jpg

Shot of Eva winning the AKC Masters in Weaves in Concord, NC this past August, 2013

Eva at Perry, GA

Scan0005 (640x458).jpg

Picture of Eva sailing over a jump in EX Preferred Jumpers 8" in Perry, GA

Eva at Western Carolina Dog Fancier's Assoc Agility Trial


Here are pictures of Eva taking 1st Place in the Agility Trials in September 2012.


Eva_DSCN0432_Edited (474x500).jpg

"Cajun Duchess Eva the Diva Clark, NAP" Eva earned two first places in AKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves - 8" Preferred. Eva also earned two first places in AKC Novice Standard Agility - 8" Preferred. Eva also earned three first places in AKC Novice Standard Agility - 8" Preferred and has moved up to Open Standard.. Eva also earned a first and second place in AKC Novice Fast Agility - 8".