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Things To Consider


Here are things to consider before buying a Corgi. These are just things to ask yourself and consider before buying any dog.

Do you currently have pets? How will a puppy fit into your existing home if you do have other pets?

What are your expectations of this dog?  Watch dog, pet, Conformation Show Dog, Performance Events, Obedience, Companion for another pet.  The personality of the dog may need to be different depending on your purpose of this dog.

Do you have a color or male/female preference? Cardigan males tend to be more laid back then the females, but this is not always the case. If you have a male neutered before they begin lifting their leg, they generally will not lift their leg to mark their territory.

What do you know about Corgis? Are you aware that they  have a double coat that sheds seasonally and can shed continually if it is kept indoors?

Do you own or rent? A house or apartment? If you rent, does your landlord allow you to have a dog?

Do you have a fenced yard? If not, what are your plans for exercising and for your puppy to go potty safely?

How and where will your puppy spend his/her days?   nights?

Do you have a dog kennel or run? How tall is the fence?

What will you do with the dog if you move from your present home?

Do all members of the household know you plan to get a Corgi? Are they all agreeable?

What previous experiences do you have in training a household pet?  (housebreaking, basic obedience, etc.)

What training methods will you use to handle potential problems like whining, barking, chewing, etc.?

Who will be responsible for the care of this dog? What happens if he/she   doesn't follow through?

Are you willing to obtain proper medical care for this dog, such as yearly boosters, cleaning teeth, etc.? The expense of a dog does not end when you buy the dog. The price you pay is a small price compared to the lifetime of a dog.

Is anyone in your household allergic to pets?

Will an adult be home most days? If you work, what is your plan for caring for a young puppy during the day? (Example - plan on coming home during lunch to let the puppy out, or have a neighbor do it, or keep confined to a bathroom with newspaper down, etc.)

What will you do with this dog when you go on vacation?